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Summary & Preparation

Programme Summary

Better Living

  1. For Health and Stress Management for Executives & Practitioners
    One Day : Full Day - 7.00 am to 7:00 pm (Four Sessions)
    Three Days : it is a residential programme (Four Sessions, Each day)
    One hour Lecture on Divine Life & Self Management.

  2. Better living Programme for Schools / Institutions
    One year course for 5th to 9th Std. students, Yoga, spirituality & moral education course

  3. Mind Set visit
    Short Social Visit to different colleges, schools, clubs & institutions.


  1. Pravachan Saptaha - Daily at evening
    Pravachan for one hour on different folds of Yoga (Based on Bhagvat Geeta)

  2. Sri. Ramcharitmanas Ramayan (Morning or Evening)
    Daily 1½ hrs for 3 days / 7 days/ one month

  3. Chanting of Mahamrutunjaya Mantra
    Any Saturday of the month - evening - 6pm on word.



Shivir (Seminar)

  1. Yoga Sanskar Shivir (Morning /Evening)
    11 or 15 days - For beginners (Primary) - 2 Hrs.

  2. Pran Pratishtha Shivir (Morning / Evening)
    11 Days - Advance Course (Secondary) - 2 Hrs.

    The following time - table has been found most suitable for Yoga Shivir but
    may be adjusted according to need and season

    • Daily Morning : 5:30 am to 7:30 am (1st batch)
    • Daily Evening : 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm (2nd batch, preferably Ladies)

  3. Jal Neti Mela (Morning)
    It is a hathayoga practice. It is ideally practiced in the morning before asanas and pranayamas.
    However, if necessary it may be performed at anytime except just after meals.

    Jalneti stimulates the various nerve ending in the nose, improving the activities of the brain and the overall health of the individual. Most importantly neti helps to awaken ajna chakra. A special Netilota should be used. The lota may be made of plastic, pottery, brass or any other metal which does not contaminate the water.

    Timing :

    One day for 3 Hrs



Trataka work shop

For concentration, one of the most direct, simple & effective technique is Trataka. It is a hath yoga practice. This abhyasa is very useful for the school & collage students . These hathayoga powerful technique should never be learned from books or taught by inexperience people.

Timings : Any week day for 2 hours, Morning or Evening

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Requirements For Organising Yoga Shivir & Pran Pratishtha Shivir

The following guidelines have been compiled to help you to arrange an inspiring and successful Yoga Programme.

Those intending to attend Yoga Shivir should register on the prescribed form with details of any illness they might have. These registration forms should be handed over to Swamiji on arrival. These Yoga classes will provide yoga therapy for a wide range of illness, including hypertension, diabetes, asthma, sinusitis, headache, backache, joint pain, women's problems, spondylitis, overweight, anxiety, stress and strain etc. Classes are open to all free of charge, regardless of caste, religion or sex. Separate ladies classes and children classes can also be arranged. Classes are usually conducted in Hindi.

Any number of students are admissible. But not more than 200 in one batch.

Organizing Yoga Shivir in rural area and in school will be appreciated. Dakshina is accepted from yoga sadhaka to provide them best services and for promoting the message of Yoga and Spirituality in the Country.

Venue And Facilities -

Organize a committe to assist you with all arrangements. Chalk out tentative budget. Take the help of clubs and service organizations such as Rotary, Lions, Ladies Clubs, Sports clubs and any Trust those are working for the welfare of society. Funds should not be the constraint.

Choose a clean and quiet hall in a central location, but away from traffic noise, loud speakers etc., if you have a choice. Preferably do not arrange classes in the open, eg. Terrace or open verandah, to avoid distraction.

You will need enough Space for each one to lie down in shawasana. Provide a blackboard or white board with pen, chalks and duster. Carpets are necessary and sadhak can also bring his / her own blanket / Bedshits.

Public address system is very much required if gathering is more than 20 students. Good quality of microphones and speakers may kindly be arranged for pleasant penitrating sound effects.

ID Cards (batches) are to be provided to all Sadhaks those are attending Yoga Shivir. Please keep provision for the expenses of stationery, zeroxing, printing handouts / banners, photographs and videography if necessary.

Please arrange one or two volunteers who are responsible to clean Yoga hall daily. They can handle public address system and electrical gadgets effectively and can assist in making necessary arrangements during each day of Yoga Shivir.

It is more appropriate & effective, if you can arrange "Free medical Checkup" for sadhak to fill up their Information sheet, accurately. Senior medical students or medical practitioners could be approached for this "SEVA".

A joint meeting (Ladies - Gents together) can be arranged one day before at evening prior to the regular classes. Swamiji will speak on the relevance of yoga for modern people. This will be an interesting introduction for all intending to join the classes, but should be open to all intersted members of the community. Organizers can invite any graceful and respectable person as a Chief Guest for the opening.


It is always better to form different committes of active members from the group or society for effective and perfect co-ordination.

  1. Shivir Organising Committees (main)
    To look after Financial aspects
    or all, Overall Supervision and daily review
  2. Adminstrative Committee
    For documentation, filling, xeroxing, typing, submission of sadhak infromation forms. Preparation and distribution of ID Cards.
  3. Public Relation & Publicity Committee
    Contact with Media, Govt. authorities, VIPS, Press briefing, Printing and distribution of Handouts and invitations. Printing of Flex banners and their proper display Photography and video arrangement.
  4. Dias & Hall arrangement Committee
    To look after power supply, sound system, sitting arrangement, distribution of informative papers among participants, Hall display, daily maintenance of Dias & Hall. Responsible to maintain cleanliness, timeliness and decorum of the programme.
  5. Accommodation, Food & Transport Committee
    To look after Swamiji's arrival / departure porgramme, food arrangement, local transportation and daily routine when they are in the town.
  6. Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal
    It is a selected group of 25 students (15 boys & 10 girls) form class 6 th to 9th standard. A teacher from the same school or one of committee members will head this group. These students shall be properly oriented through 3 days intensive workshop by Swamiji & Mataji. They will provide their services as a "Seva" to the participants, for 11 days.


Register your name, address, age, sex occupation, way of life, ailments or reason for learning yoga in advance in the registration form with two passport size photographs. Bring a blanket, bed sheet or odomos, if necessary. Better to wear Loose, Light & Comfortable clothings preferably Pajama Kurta & for Ladies Salwar Kameez. Please do not eat anything before commencing the Yoga Classes. Protect yourself from cloudy weather in winter. Please be punctual and occupy your seat Five min. before the class starts.

Swamis Travel And Accommodation

Swamijis travel by train (2 tier AC) Travel expenses have to be reimbursed to Swamiji on arrival. Return tickets can be booked as per Schedule. Swamiji's requires only simple accommodation, but in a quite and clean place. An attached bathroom is preferred. Swamiji takes strictly vegetarian food at 7:30 am, 11:30 am & 6:30 pm


We require two months advance notice for arranging Yoga Programme. Please confirm the programme details thru E-mail as you finalise them. If any difficulties arise, let us know and we will assist you in every way we can.