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Yoga Sanskar Shivir

Yoga Sanskar Shivir (Morning / Evening)


11 days for beginners (Primary) – 2 Hrs.

This is eleven days seminar for the beginners. Sanskar–Experience– Transformation, is our slogan. Seminar is designed in such a manner that participants will go through all these above phases. It is not only the practice of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation & Relaxation techniques, yet there are many other varied aspects of yoga. The theme of this new syllabus is to explain what yoga is all about, how it is related to you, to your everyday life !

The very purpose is to make you release your identity with the greater self, to make you know and tune in with your existing inner nature. We will discuss and practice maharshi Patanjali Sutra (Astang yoga) a guide for the journey from lower level to higher level of consciousness and eventually to liberation.
They are : Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. (Teaching base is BSY technique)

Seminar Schedule :Nahik

  • Guru and Saraswati Pujan
  • Pran Mudra
  • Ganesh Vandana
  • Kirtan (BSY)
  • Satsang
  • Kaya Sthairyam
  • Om Japa and Shanti Mantra
  • Break for Suchana Satra
  • Asana practice
  • Pranayama Abhyasa
  • Vigyan (science) Section
  • Question – Answer
  • Om Japa and Shantipath 

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. If the consciousness is separated from external awareness and from sleep, it becomes very powerful and can be applied in many ways like developing the memory, increasing knowledge and creativity. It can be beneficially practiced by people of any religion or culture. It is a perfect meditation practice invented by swamiji’s dadaguru paramhamsa Satyananda sarswati, a precious gift to the mankind

(Re reference- Yoganidra, Yoga Publication Trust Munger)

Sadhak Satkar

There is a tradition to honor and felicities participants, active members from committee and the students, on last day of yoga seminar. Here is a brief summation of the awards and their recipients.

3 Best yoga Diaries

Participants are encouraged to journal their daily experiences during the shivir in a daily. These journals are generally comperhensive and represent their emotional and physical transformations with each passing day. Swamiji selects the 3 best and honest attempts of sadhak to capture such an experience and honours them on the last day of the shivir.


Best Sadhaka

Yoga requires discipline and dedication and hence Swamiji doesn't shy away in rewarding sadhak who demonstrate commitment, punctuality, diligence to learn and most importantly resolve to incorporate yoga as a way of life on the final day of the shivir. We call him the "Best Sadhak".

Best Sadhak - Mr. Sanjay Javalkar (Belguam)


Organizing Committee Members

Shivir requires good administration to succeed which is where our "Core Committee members" become Visible. They are instrumental in organizing, coordinating and administering every small detail covering the 11 day span of the Shivir. It goes without saying that such a body and its members require appreciation from Swamiji on the final day for their efforts.


Bal Yoga Mitra Madal

BYMM as we call them is a bunch of enthusiastic young students who assist the core committee members or rather leverage their efforts to address any logistical issues during the shivir comprising from parking to sitting arrangement. They are dedicated in making the Sadhaka comfortable so that experience is as seamless as possible. Swamiji felicitates this " Young brigade" also on the final day of Yoga Shivir.


Ground Base Workers

Many people take ground arrangements like clean grounds, safe water, electricity etc for granted but the real credit goes for such a grant to our " root level workers" who toil to make this a sacred experience for the Sadhak. They too receive appreciation from Swamiji on the last day.