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Jala Neti Kumbha / Tratak

Jala Neti Mela (Morning) jal-Neti1

One day for only 3 Hrs.

In the course of our daily lives, we tend to keep on accumulating lots of toxins, both physically and mentally. Periodically we should get rid of them. Hatha yoga practices create harmony between the two major pranic flows, ida and pingala, there by attaining physical and mental purification and balance. The shatkarmas are also necessary to balance the three doshas in the body- Kapha (Mucus), Pitta (biles) and vata (wind). In Hathyoga there are six purificatory techniques called ‘Shatkarmas’.

1)  Neti
2)  Dhauti
3)  Nauli
4)  Basti
5)  Kapalbhati and
6)  Trataka

They all are excellent practices.

But Swamiji is very much interested to emphasis on Jala neti kriya as it is very easy and effective.

Jala neti is a process of clearing the nasal passage with salt water. During his 11 days primary shivir, Swamiji has alloted one day for Jala Neti. Over a period of time, he has realized, this kriya can be performed on mass scale. Hence, he introduced new programme, called Jala Neti Mela.


Trataka – workshop for students tratak


The word Trataka means ‘steady gazing’ the practice of Trataka involves gazing at a point or object without blinking the eyes.
All meditational practices aim at establishing concentration of mind as a prelude to meditation. To attend this state one of the most direct, simple & yet at the same time effective is the technique of Trataka. The mechanics of the practice are easy to learn and understand. It can be practiced by everyone and the benefits are enormous. Trataka work shop can be arranged for school & collage students.

Timings :

Any week day for 2 hours : Morning or Evening