Consider God a Member of Your Family

Mantra Chanting


Chanting of Mahamrutunjaya Mantra

Any Saturday of the month – evening 6 pm onwards

Chanting of M.M.M. 108 times, on every saturday evening is a old tradition in our Guruashram, introduced by Paramhansaji. All sanyasin, sadhaka related to Bihar school of yoga follow this ritual all over the world. It is for universal health, peace and prosperity.
Depending on our energy, willingness and faith, we are able to generate whole lot of transformation within our self and in the environment around us.
Lord Shiva is a source of power. HE in the form of Mrutunjaya, contains the energy of the whole cosmos and yet remains unmoving and stable.
The flame, represents our own atmajoti and Shiva unveil the light of our soul. We can experience the sound of silence and bliss. This ritual brings the love and happiness in our family and society.
So remember, every Saturday...