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Health & Stress Management

Health and Stress Management for Executives & Practitioners -

One Day Programme

One Day : Full Day - 7.00 am to 7:00 pm (Four Sessions).
This is a programme for stressed and busy people those are preoccupied with heavy work load. They have no time for their well being. Now they can spare their one holiday from morning to evening to get recharged. Corporate Office, Organization, Institutes, college staff, Clubs, Banks or even housing societies can approach for this one day programme.

Three Days Programme

Three Days : Residential programme (Four Sessions Each day)
As it is a residential programme, you need to spend your 3 days outside your working place, a remote area. It could be Jungle, Resort or any holiday place, full of nature, away from the crowd. Corporate sector or institutions can sponsor this programme for their employees.




One Hour

One hour Lecture on Divine Life & Self Management
One hour discourse – अध्यात्म मार्ग से सुंदर जीवन कि ओर ......... जागो ! It is very Interesting and an eye opener speech for the participants.
This course is only for invitees. Attendance should not be less than 100.


Lifestyle Principles For Better Living

As Explained By Swamiji's Philosopher Friend Dr. Hans Kuglar from Germany...




  • Develop the full potential, Exercise that capacity.
  • Individual Consciousness is a part of super consciousness.
  • Yogasutra instruction manual explains the mechanism by which we human being can evolve to our highest potential. But we have to find out the disturbances and block them.



  • Balance body and mind.
  • Our own personal health, hygiene and well being.
  • Perform some Yoga practices.




  • Balance Energy Centres.
  • Left and right brain quality.
  • The related profession and private life area.




  • Realize the core of own personality, good or bad.
  • Greatness lies within.

(A + B + C + D) = E




  • Combined in the logo, which symbolises the steering wheel of a holistic self management.
  • Our relationship with the ultimate consciousness.

It's an official Logo of Swamiji's Better Living Programme.


Dr. Hans Kuglar with Wife


One Hour Programme

One Hour Programme


One Hour Programme