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International Yoga Day 2016

International Yoga day was celebrated with enthusiasm in Sharad Pawar Public school, Kaalwan. Students assembled on the ground of this school in the morning by 5.30 a.m. Students were given demonstrations about Yoga under the moral guidance of Swami Yogachittam Saraswati and the teacher of this school.

Swami Yogachittam Saraswati gave valuable tips to the students about the significance of Yoga in daily life.Yoga helps to keep our body flexible, strong and healthy. It gives freedom from stress, increases concentration, get relief from weakness and fatigue.Technic was Bihar School of Yoga.

Shri Dr. J.D Pawar (Founder of the school), Meenakshitai Pawar (Chairman of Saptashringi Mahila Patpedhi), Mr. Vilas Shirore (President of school committee), Dr. Jaywant Pawar, Prof. B.N Shinde, Mr. J.H Patel, staff of Gurudutt Education Institute, Teachers and other staff of this school were present for the Yoga class for 2 days.