Consider God a Member of Your Family

Dr. Sandeep Mane

Swamiji's Introduction by Dr. Sandeep Mane


Dr. Sandeep Mane (Mumbai) FRCOG (UK), CCST (UK), MD, FCPS, DGO, DICOG

Current lifestyle is very demanding and stressful. People in the modern age are getting carried away by the advent of technology and the materialistic comforts of life. We are heading towards the western lifestyle and their culture. This is leading to deteriorating family structures and societal values. The current young and middle age generations are fortunate enough to have experienced the good old days when family bonds were strong and societal pressures high.

Unfortunately, today’s children are in their own world, confined to mobile phones for communication and to internet and TV sets for social interaction. In all this, there is no restriction for entry into their personal private space. Parents and teachers have no control on the outside influences on their children. The little ones are left to themselves to decide what is right or wrong. If they are in the right company, they may be fortunate to develop the correct understanding. If not, their lives are heading for a disaster.

Finally, there is a culture of parties for every reason. Enjoyment is sought in such events and then it starts to become competitive. Parents get into a foolish mindset to show-off their richness, not realizing that the children are getting into a party culture. These events lead to poor habits of smoking, alcohol, drugs and much more. Are these the citizens of our future? Is this the atmosphere in which our future generations will experience a secure and a happy satisfied life? If not, efforts have to be taken very seriously to accept the change, but in a very selective and controlled manner.

In the current busy hectic lives, most people have no time to realize this and take preventive measures. There needs to be a positive influence from outside to help realization of the problem and to take life in the right perspective. It is hard to find someone reliable and trustworthy in these days and age to get proper guidance.

I was fortunate to meet one such person who has been able to understand life in a very meaningful manner. He is not only spiritual, but is also educated, intellectual and a good teacher- Swami Parampujya Yogachittamji Saraswati. Swamiji has helped many people by his spiritual knowledge. He believes there is no magic in it and superstition has no role in this process of understanding life. According to him, spirituality is a science and may need to be taught to people like any other subject. His method of teaching spirituality is through Yoga.

Spirituality is the ability to understand the purpose of life by creating positivity and peace within oneself. Some people may call it God, a divine power that helps you stay focused in life. The belief in God gives the positive energy and gives direction to one’s life It creates hope and gives you mental strength. Eventually, this leads to physical wellbeing and overall happiness. It is separate from religion. Religion is another path to this divine positive energy.

Spirituality comes naturally to some and some struggle to know what it is. Some are able to understand spirituality through the experiences of their life while others are unable to understand it and give up. They are even foolish to ridicule spirituality. These people need a Guru to help them understand this. They need a direction in life. As Swamiji says the role of a Guru is to inspire people positively and give them the right direction in life.

Swamiji Parampujya Yogachittam Saraswati has taken lot of pains and time to develop his yoga syllabus. It has become so popular and effective that it is known as a “ YC Syllabus”. A healthy body and mind is an asset to enable every person to work their way in everyday life. Bihar yoga adopts the attitudes of Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga. Swamiji’s all programme’s are based on above lines. Swamiji’s Guru Parampujya Shri Niranjananand Saraswati from Munger has blessed Swami Yogachittamji and Mata Mantrataraji for Purna Sanyasa on an auspicious day of “Mahashivratri” and that was a turning point to Swamiji’s life. His Guru adviced him and mataji to spread light of satyananda yoga wherever you go and till date he is following his Gurus advice.

There are many websites on Yoga but this one is unique. Swamiji says “I hope this website will help people to understand yoga and to realize that it is a science very much concerned with modern living”. Our effort is a small token of Swamiji’s dedication to the cause of yoga and an attempt to explain “Satyanand Yoga “and its techniques through Swamiji’s seminar and other programmes. It is a humble offering.

Swamiji'€™s Vision :

• To Spread the knowledge of Better living through spirituality
• To take Paramhamsa Satyananda's teaching all over
• Yoga therapy by using Bihar Yoga technique
• To create awareness of social work amongst the people
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