Consider God a Member of Your Family

"सत्य की खोज में चल पड़ा हूँ देर से ही,
मगर दिशा व रास्ता सही मिला है भटकने का कोई भय नहीं बस, समय का इंतज़ार है |"

- स्वामी योगचित्तम सरस्वती, पूर्ण सन्यास को समर्पित


Consider God a Member of Your Family.

As you speak to your father, mother,
also speak to your God every
night before you go to bed & early morning
before you get up


योग के बारे मे आपकी गलत धारणाये बदल दूंगा !

What I wish to give you is a Bihar School of Yoga technique
not an empty idea or difficult exercise.

- Swami Yogachittam Saraswati
(Bihar School of Yoga)

“ निश्चित बनो और निश्चिंत रहो ”


We did break the patterns of
life to find out whether
we can do something better.

- Swami Yogachittam Saraswati
(Devoted to Purna Sanyasa)

Swami Yogachittam Saraswati

swami-yogachittamSwami Yogachittam Saraswati is a strong believer of Vedic 4 ashram life style system. In Gruhasthashram he has served institutions of National repute for over 15 years in the field of production, market development and marketing. Subsequently, he has been associated with a marketing organization as one of its promoter directors for over 15 years. And in the process, has extensively travelled all over the country gaining variety of experience.

Astanga Yoga by Swami Yogachittam Saraswati (Click Here)

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Bhakti Yoga


There are different paths of yoga like Raj yoga, Karma, Jnana, Hathyoga and so. They are difficult to achieve. You have to undergo different types of sadhana mentioned in our scriptures. Bhakti is inspired and sustained by God himself.

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Spiritual Services


In our Country, there are so many less privileged, less fortunate. Any small thing that we find useless to us can be like Gold for someone. But always give the best things to others, only then will your heart expand.

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Stress Management


A programme for stressed and busy people those are preoccupied with heavy work load. They have no time for their well being. Now they can spare their one holiday from morning to evening to get recharged.

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